October 5, 2011

Fall Full of Flu Flurries: #Tips For Keeping My #Family #Flu Free!

It's my favorite time of year! It's time for fall fun and festivities, Halloween, holiday countdowns. But, with fall there is always that dreaded flu season that comes with it. Being a first time mommy I am always worried about Bria getting a cold, and with the climate we live it (northern Alaska weather) it is inevitable that she gets sick. I am also a Kindergarten teacher which means that Fall is full of flu flurries (did I mention that our letter of the day is "Ff"?

Anyway, now that fall is in full swing, here are some tips that I do to keep my family flu-free, or at least try my darnedest to keep us healthy this season:

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1. Wipe down surfaces/toys regularly! This has become one of the most practiced tip in our home now that we have a daughter who is always putting things in her mouth, always chewing on the coffee table, and always playing with her toys! We wipe down surfaces about 2 times a day (when she's at her babysitters and we are at work.) and we clean her toys about every other day. This makes for a lot of work, but in the end it has payed off. For the surface cleaner, I usually use vinegar and water, but lately I have been using my Lysol wipes because they are quick and easy to use. With a baby, quick and easy is always nice!

I also use Lysol wipes in the classroom-for every surface, and I make it a fun way to clean the classroom. The kids love to help and they are learning that cleaning is important and fun! We clean the surfaces after playing and writing on them, and before lunch and at the end of the day. 

2. Use Vitamins and/or Emergen-c: I love taking my vitamins and still give Bria her vitamins that we got from the hospital, her doctor says it's not necessary for Bria to take her vitamins since she is still nursing, but I still want to give her the best nutrients I possibly can. We also take Emergen-c regularly, not just when we are sick and I think it has had a positive impact on the amount of times we have gotten sick this year. I buy in bulk.

3. An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Everyone has heard this saying, right? Everyone has heard it because it's so true! They aren't just talking about apples here though! Keeping a healthy diet routine will definitely keep your immune system charged up. This is so important, especially during the holiday season. We use Full Circle Farm to get our fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. You have to remember, there are no stores here. None! So using FCF has been a life saver and has kept us eating healthy. We also eat three meals a day and don't skip our breakfast!

4. "Wash, wash, wash your hands, scrub the germs away": This is a song that I sing to my Kindergarteners and we sing it often. We wash our hands regularly: after we play outside, after we work with manipulatives, before and after lunch, after we sneeze/cough in our hands, after we wipe our nose etc. If Bria were old enough, she would be washing her hands to this tune as well. If we don't have soap and water available (and we often do being outdoors and such) I use hand sanitizer and make sure we have on in the baby bag, my purse or backpack, and the camera bag!

5. Snug as a bug in a.... Coat? : This tip means to bundle up! Especially with our White Mountain temperature dropping, it is important to bundle up as much as you can to keep warm. We bundle Bria up in about 2 layers underneath her snowsuit (yes, she is already using her snowsuit!). It is so important to keep your body warm. I usually dress in layers as well to keep my core body temperature where it is supposed to be. Bring that extra sweater/coat along if you have doubts! It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

There are so, so many ways to keep flu-free and I could keep on going with this list, but I wanted to highlight our favorites and most used tips that we have acquired, especially since the arrival of our daughter. Using these tips have definitely kept the germs away and we will continue these tips throughout the holiday season!

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Please tell me your tips for staying healthy this Fall full of flu flurries season?

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