October 18, 2011

A Sneak Peak Into The Week

"Hi There!" 

Did I scare you?

He's not supposed to be scary.

He's supposed to be funny!

This is Larry. I don't know why we gave him that name.

But here he is.

He's hanging on my classroom bulletin.

Can you guess from this picture what we are going to study the next two weeks? I have an amazing unit for my three little guys. It's fun, exciting, and we are going to learn some really cool stuff! Stay tuned for some pictures of our classroom and what we have been working on.

This post has to be quick today. I have to clean my classroom frog tank, hang out with Miss B and then we have our Women's Bible Study! Please check back later this week or weekend for an upcoming post just for Women!  It's also going to be fun and exciting...and ... interactive if you want to participate!!

How was your Tuesday?

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