October 15, 2011

All about Bria...Again...

It's so much fun to have a blog when you have an amazing subject to talk about. Me? I absolutely love talking about my family and specifically, the famous little Miss B!

We had a late night last night as we had the 2 teams come in from Elim and Gambell for volleyball. The games didn't get over until 11: 30. One of our good friends here in White Mountain captured a precious picture of Bria actually kissing me! 

And this morning when we woke up around 9:45 (only reason we woke up that late was because my mom called !) :) Bria wanted to talk to her Nana...This is what she was doing the entire time they talked on speaker phone: 

See the top tooth? She cutting in 4 teeth at the same time! Our baby girl is getting so big!!

On another note: We had an amazing turn out for Karate! We are so excited that the kids are getting excited about this awesome, and healthy activity. I will be posting pictures a little bit later this weekend. They are adorable pictures!

Hope everyone's Saturday is off to a great start!

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