May 30, 2010

An open letter to our baby Shultz

Up until the last post, we have told only family and close friends about you. You're the size of a lentil bean and are giving your daddy and I a feeling that nothing can even come close to. We already love you and are talking about how we are going to raise you.

The whole idea of us being on the other side of this whole parental thing is a little crazy. We have some ideas on how we are going to raise a brilliant, well-rounded, polite, happy child. Here is what we know:

1) I am going to let you eat dirt sometimes. And you'll probably get licked in the mouth by your doggy siblings from time to time...

2) We love adventures. Adventures of any kind. We hope you like them too. We don't sit around the house very much so be prepared to be bundled up and carried along for the ride. I hope you like the pristine waters from a kayak and the vast mountain tops from a carrier.

3) You're daddy will teach you everything he knows about the wilderness and outdoor sports. Be prepared to love them as much as he does.

4) Most of all. We are going to teach you respect. Respect for the world and people around you. Respect will get you far in life and will perhaps be the number one virtue that will make your life a fulfilling journey.

I'm sure I'll add to this list later, but this is what I have so far. So lets recap- you may occasionally have a dirt mustache, and Sierra licking your face while we head out on our latest adventure, where your daddy will be teaching you how to build a fire with nothing but a flint stick, and your mama reminds  you to say "please" and "thank-you".


your mom


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