May 11, 2010


I was reading one of my many health/fitness blogs that I am addicted to. And saw this picture:

Doesn't that just make your stomach turn?!? Who would eat 4 1/2 sugar cube? I probably wouldn't, but we both know that if it's hidden in that delicious cookie, I could probably eat two without the sugar cubes even entering my thoughts. Gross.

Why am I showing you deliciously-devilish cookies? Well, I read an interesting article at FitSugar that talked about a site called Sugar Stacks.  Sugar Stacks is a site where they took the sugar content out of various cookies, desserts, and sodas and put the same amount of sugar cubes in front of the foods.

Here, at White Mountain student store, they have wonderful beverages like this:

They taste oh-so-delicious...And this particular one has acai berry in it, which is said to contain the best antioxidants and everyone know VitaminWater is well, full of vitamins...But did you know, that Sugar Stacks showed the sugar content? Oh-my-Gross!
And to think, I was drinking about two of those a week! Never again my friend...Never again!

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