May 20, 2010

Fun Run!

Yesterday's run was busy, long, and fun! We started out by stretching our legs on our porch when I realized the ice was moving! This is nothing short of an amazing experience with the community going down to watch with their lounge chairs, sunglasses, and snacks! We started our run off fast and quickly stopped down at a friends house to watch the ice. It moves really, really fast!
The ice break-up is creating an overflow of about 25 ft! This was what we saw on our way up the hills.

After running up the Airport Hill (which is a lengthy, all up hill) we were on our way back down when we heard someone yelling, "He Clint!" We turned around and Clint was able to see his friend, Lee Ryan and I of course was introduced :). He seemed like a really nice guy and it was nice to meet some friends of Clint from High School.

After our airport run we ran through town to another hill to do some hill skipping. Yes, you do exactly what the title says, you skip up a hill! We did 10. 10 hill skips. It was a doozy.

Because my internet is really slow, I am going to direct you here to watch a video of Clint hill skipping for your enjoyment. I on the other hand, am happy that I was behind the camera and not in front of it ;)

After our Ice-Break-Friend-Seeing-Trail-Running event, I created....wait for it.....PESTO! This deliciousness was made with Beach Asparagus (that my mom and I gathered while on a trip to Prince of Whales last summer).  It was UH-Mazing! 

Beachy Green Pesto!

Beach Asparagus
Mozzarella Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
A lil' bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

p.s. don't add salt! The Beach Asparagus has enough natural salt in it.


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