May 17, 2010

Monday Funday!

Nah, just kidding ;) .  Monday's are usually full of 'gearing up' for the week to come. As far as pre-school goes, I had a relaxing day with three students. It was full of water-tables, painting, building, counting, and singing! Oh how I love singing...But not when you have 5 Little Monkey's song stuck in your head four hours later!

Clint and I went on a lovely run, it was hot, full of blue sky and most of the snow was melted! I sure was kicking myself for not taking my camera on the run but sometimes, you just need to run and not worry about taking photos!

I was looking through blogland while Clint was at Karate ( I know I should have been doing a workout, but my body is s.o.r.e.!) and found this:


I'm not sure what it really is about this...Actually, it's a combination of the inspiring words and the rainbow effect! I utterly and completely love rainbows!!

        ~New pictures on our babies page!!
        ~More quotes for inspiration are on the quotes page!

Until next time!


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