May 28, 2010

My Own Fireman!!

Last week the City of White Mountain and the Volunteer Fire Department got together and maintained a controlled fire while burning down the old school building. It was another community event as everyone came out to watch. For some, it was exciting to see a huge fire, but for others, it was a dramatic time as it was a piece of our history being destroyed (words from a respected Elder of the community. Although it was being destroyed the building was becoming overly dangerous.

The day started bright an early with the volunteers and workers meeting at the burn site at 9:00 in the morning. We headed across town in our Bombardier 4-wheeler in the cold. It was very nice out, but very cold! As Clint went ahead and put his gear on, I started playing with our SLR digital camera!

Early duties in the morning:

My very own fireman:
So cute...I mean...Manly! hehe...

Clint and another volunteer getting the hoses ready for action:

I just can't get enough of my very own fireman!:

And I have to say, I love having my zoom lens :)

This is the elementary school. Throughout it's years it has been a children's home for White Mountain and the surrounding villages, a teacher's housing complex, and a school. It has had many lives...

The start of the fire:

Clint controlling the fire:

The school up in blazes:

The entire process took about 3 hrs. Afterward we came home and crashed, well more Clint crashed while I tended to his tiredness...Making him coffee, making him dinner, getting him ice cream, water, and other necessities... But, what can I do when he does so much for the community? 


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