May 16, 2010

Fast Forward!

Life has certainly been on the fast track train the past couple of months! I was downloading more pictures (I am slowly learning to take pictures of everyday things, well, everyday :) and I was going through iPhoto when I found a whole bunch of pictures I haven't shared :S. So, this post is a Fast Forward post to show all the stuff that has been going on in our lives!

Starting with:

Yoga of course!

I printed these amazing yoga cards:

Now, I can take my yoga practice anywhere!

I have also been reading this page by page:

This is my first Yoga book and I hopefully will be broadening my collection here soon.

Remember when Clint painted a tree of life in our dining room? You can read that post here if you missed it. Clint decided that it needed to be repainted. So, he took out his paints and his brushes and went to work. With my help of course ;) :

Here are the before and after pictures:

I love that the new one has fuller branches and trunk. It definitely brightens up our Waffle Sunday!

Oh yeah, he also made a sun burst!:
Beautiful right?!

Another exciting thing that has happened around the house is that Clint made a gate! Yup, it's not just a board in place by bungees :)!

Here is what we had before:

After a few hours on a warm, beautiful Sunday Clint made a beautiful gate to match the deck. Of course, with my help!

 Cutting all the boards
 Clint making sure the gate fit.

 It's done! It's B.E.A.utiful!

We have a wonderful gate now, but we still need to use the bungee cords and 550-cord to keep it in place, but in August when we come back we will have put on hinges and a lock for the gate :) 

There you go! That's the gist of what has been happening around here.  I'll hopefully have time to update everyday or every other day with our life musings when my last day with kids is on Tuesday! Can you believe it?!


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