February 5, 2011

One Month!

Our lil' Peanut is one month old!

How can that be?

It seems like just yesterday they were flopping her lil' 5lb 12oz body on my chest for the first time.  We are definitely soaking in every millisecond we can with this child of ours. She amazes us in more ways than we can even imagine, and is growing right before our eyes!

Bria loves:
dancing around the living room while listening to music, stretching, sleeping on daddy's chest, laying in her boppy, comfort sucking, staring at mommy's face for minutes on-end (2 to be exact), sleeping with her hands near her head, grunting, and above all else milk milk milk! 

Bria doesn't love:
the dark, being swaddled (she's a free bird!), pooping herself awake, taking her vitamins, when there isn't enough milk to fill her hunger needs.

Some of Bria's firsts: 
Day 2-first trip to the pediatrician's office
Day 4- first bath in bathroom sink
Day 6- first cough
Day 10- first kiss with daddy
Day 12-lost her umbilical cord
Day 13-first family outdoor walk
Day 17-first airplane ride
Day 31-first bath with daddy

Bria's stats:
*8lbs 4 oz*
*20 1/2 in. *

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