February 15, 2011

Love Day!

Like I said in our last post. Valentines Day is not one of our favorite holidays. Yes, I think it's wonderful to show loved ones that you love them and care for them, but shouldn't we do that everyday? I really don't like the flock of chocolate buying, card crazed, over-priced flowers, gotta have a nice expensive gift kind of mentality. Anyway, today I broke the "not going to do anything" rule about Valentines day and went with KISS (Keep It Simple Silly). Also, I realized that having a little one around really does make every.single holiday a bazillion times better! So that in itself is a good reason to break the rules. I did a couple things this year:

1. We received an exceptionally cute onesie and bib from Auntie Erika! THANK YOU AUNTIE! So of course, I had to put Bria in it to show her off. It was a tad bit big...But cute anyway :).

2. Our last post showed a couple pictures that were taken for a card we were making Clint. He received a homemade card along with some cheap chocolate!

3. Last year for Clint's birthday I had ordered supplies to make him a Pecan Pie, but they didn't come in the mail in time for his special day. So. I took those ingredients and made a pie for him.

homemade photo card +  cheap chocolates +  pecan pie + smooch 'n hug from both his girls

equals a good Love day for the special man in our lives :)  

Oh and here's the pie that I made:

It may not look good...But it was SO delicious!

Hope everyone had a good LOVE day :)
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