February 8, 2011

A New Journey...

Of course bringing a new life into this world is one of the biggest journeys two people can make together...It almost can't get any better, but it did for Clint and I. Our lives have not only changed for the better because of Bria, but also our walk with GOD. Not only have we become better people because of Bria, but also because of our closer relationships with the Almighty.

When Bria came into this world pure and new we began to think of our own lives and how far we've gone away from the word of the Lord. It's because of Bria that led us back. We looked at her and saw a reflection of heaven and we wanted more. We received it!

The past month Clint and I have seriously changed around our way of life, the way we talk to each other and others, and the way we perceive the world around us.

Here are some ways that we are changing our lives:

*Going to church regularly
*Having devotion time at home ready through 365 daily bible readings
*Having family quality time with Bria either by playing, reading, or just eating together
*Throwing away a lot of our inappropriate DVD's
*Praying as a family and individually
*Watching and understanding the way we talk and think about others

Another way Clint and I have come closer to God is in the things that we do. As you probably know, Clint is part of the ABKA Karate program and is a Chief instructor of the karate school here in White Mountain. The mission of the ABKA is that everything they do is through God.

I wanted to share a new blog that Clint has created where he shares about the karate programs his is part of, the karate school and happenings, devotion and prayer, and also things that we all can do to create peace in our hearts, minds, and bodies....I urge you to spend some time there and look around--I'm positive you will find something valuable.

(Click Link!)

Keep checking the site as he will update it regularly... You will find his link on the right side of this blog :)..

God Bless
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