February 10, 2011

Bria Gets Named!

We are so very blessed that the community here in White Mountain look at Bria as one of their own. I can't tell you how many hugs and congratulations and gifts we have received since Bria was born-and it truly warms my heart!

It is customary for the newest member of an Inupiaq village to get named after the last living Elder. However, in this case, that name was already taken before Bria was born. So one of the Elders went on a "hunt" for the perfect name to give to Bria- and alas she found not one...But TWO!

Aaquq (aw-cook)            and           Ikiituk (i-ki-took)

Unfortunately, these names have been passed down for generations, and the meanings of them are lost. Hopefully, someday they will be able to locate the meanings of them for others that have those names.
For now, we will call Bria Ikiituk because we like the way it rolls off our tongues!

Thank you Enid, for the wonderful names you have given our baby girl. We will forever and always be grateful of your generosity and love!

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