August 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So this weekend, Clint and I changed things in our apartment...we went through the basement area-which is a free for all, take what you need space-and found some neat things to hang up on the walls and such. A teacher also gave us a table cloth and an oriental wall hanging as well. After, we have enjoyed it a lot better than before, and aren't so homesick. We also have displayed our ivory that we have bought as well...Take a peak!

It's wierd how they made the school into apartments. There are 6 different apartments in the school, and you go outside the door and find yourself in the school hallway. You then have to go through another door to go outside. It's very different, but nice. Sierra and another dog can run around the hallways and get exercise through the winter time. The fake flowers are kind of funny- but they really add "home" to the apartment. On top of our t.v. we displayed all of the ivory that we have bought-except my ring. We have not bought the ivory for full price on what they are asking and often times get really good deals....Here is a closer look:

The doll here is called a buela doll. Buela is known around the world for her ivory dolls, and we are fortunate to have been able to get one. The owl we got was about $20 and was made out of rib bone from a walrus. We also have an oosik (whalrus penis) and a whale...We have a walrus tusk that's in the back with carving's of puffins, and the small carving is ivory of a bearded seal, along with the claw on the other end. We are going to get some more goodies throughout the year...

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