August 5, 2008

Again, we walked to the school this morning but this time it wasn’t so sunny. It was pretty cloudy and misty. Anyway, we woke up around 7:20 and started our day and set up more of Clint’s classroom. Clint left at 10:30am to Unalakleet for a new teacher orientation. He is going to be gone until Friday night! 3 nights and 4 days alone here in Gambell by myself! What am I going to do? I found a puzzle in the hallway that was unopened along with some books. So I am going to spend my days cleaning the apartment, doing a puzzle, reading books, and watching movies..oh and of course sleeping as much as I can. Oh the glory of being unemployed (and not to mention bored out of my mind in a village of 400!). I don’t know what I would do without Sierra.

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