August 4, 2008

Beautiful Day!

Well today we woke up and it was beautiful and warm outside! Not a cloud in the sky. We walked to the school and started to set up Clint’s classroom. I was lucky enough to be "in charge" of the bulletin boards and art supplies closet. I had so much fun setting up the classroom and they have more supplies than any school I have been to. We went there around 10:00 and stayed until around 4:30. After we were done we took a nice long walk through town where we saw some elders digging holes everywhere probably looking for some ivory-here’s a picture:
We then walked up the "mountain" that is located behind the school. Halfway to the top we were able to see the whole village of Gambell and in the distance, the Siberian Mountains. On the other side of the "mountain" was more of St. Lawrence Island. Beautiful. Here are some pictures. Enjoy! Look off into the distance and you can see the Siberian mountains:
After our nice walk up the "mountain" we stopped and bought some necessary groceries because none of our boxes had arrived. 1 package of Oreos: $6.95, eggs: $3.55 ea., hot dogs: $3.55, rasberry jam $5.95, syrup $5.95 and cheese: $15.55!! The cheese is really expensive. Anyway that was just some of the food items that we purchased, but the whole lot of it came out to $99.40 and we didn’t get that much! It’s going to be expensive living up here!

Oh, here is our first dinner in Gambell. Quick just-add-water pizza, with turkey Spam. It wasn’t that bad at all! Here’s a picture:

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