August 3, 2008

Sorry...My Bag Barks!

1 sleepless night, 3 different planes, and 24 hrs later here we are! In Gambell. Gambell, Alaska.
Here's a rundown of what we went through:
Aug. 2:
3:30pm- said good-buy to the last of our family (sisters)

5:10pm- boarded Alaska Airlines to Anchorage

10:15pm-arrived in Anchorage, found a good sleeping spot

11:45pm-Clint called the superintendent who lived 5 min. away who offered to pick us up

Aug. 3:
12:00am-we were in the car on the way to a soft bed!

12:45am-finally fell asleep

4:10am-woke up/got ready really fast

4:30am-in the airport at security

5:30am-boarded Alaska Airlines

9:15am-Arrived in Nome, Alaska

12:30pm-Finally boarded Bering Air

1:45pm-Stepped off the plane in Gambell, AK where we met the school custodians, 30 mph winds, and harsh rain. The custodians brought our bags to the 6 plex (our apartment)

2:00pm-We arrived at our new apartment. Where there were NO boxes that we shipped up to be found anywhere. Found some food that the last teacher left for us. Thank goodness!

3:00pm-Walked 15 min. to the school and met the principal, his wife, and the "old" teachers.

4:30pm-Walked 15 min. back "home" and set up the food in the cupboards, clothes on hangers..

6:45pm-Ate dinner which consisted of Mountain House ready-to-eat-meals. And warm water.

7:30pm-Watched a movie and fell asleep.

Sierra did wonderful on the airplane and in the airport. On our flight from Ketchikan to Anchorage there was a big dog with a State Trooper in the Cabin. It was funny at first because the big dog would bark and then Sierra would follow. They kind of went back and forth for a while. After the dogs stopped barking people started to clap. Sierra was whining a little bit in the beginning, but after a while she settled down. I don’t think she liked her kennel very much though. When we got to Anchorage, Clint went through security to let her go to the bathroom. And then we were able to sleep at the superintendent’s house which was nice, but Sierra and their poodle did not get along.

It was a very Loooooong process to get here. The weather is gloomy and so are our spirits right now. I think it’s due to the fact that we haven’t had a restful night sleep and we have been going for more than 24 hrs. It’s a weird, surreal feeling being all the way up here, but the people are very friendly. On our walk to the school there were kids and adults riding their four wheelers while smiling and waving at us. Clint said that this is the friendliest village he has ever been to. Which assures me that I am capable of staying up here for 10 months. There are 3 other teachers that are here getting settled in the 6 Plex today and all are very nice. One teacher has been here for 6 years! This is going to be an adventure for sure.

Here is Gambell from the plane:

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