August 11, 2008

Warm Welcome

Today was the first day of the inservice for the teachers. The principal graceously has told Clint again and again that I am able to go to the school and help him and other teachers out during this time, which for me is pretty nice that I don't have to sit around the apartment with nothing to do! During their meeting I stayed in Clint's classroom and was cleaning some stuff out, and the principal asked Clint to come get me. When the introductions came around Mr. P (principal) introduced me as one of the staff members as "the go to gal for substituting and any other tasks we may have" which is a good indication and hope that I will be able to work just about every day for some extra money. We also were welcomed by the village elders who greatly appreciated every one of the teachers. It was nice to see the community so involved in the school and it's staff. Clint-the good public speaker that he is gave a wonderful "speach" about how the friendlyness off this community helped our transition up here. And how appreciative we are to have such nice people to welcome us here. It was much more than that, but that's the jist of it. I think everyone liked the fact that a new teacher spoke up and thanked the elders. It was a long and productive day. Clint's classroom is all set up, all he has to do is the lesson plans-I am thankful I don't have to do any...yet.

After the inservice Clint and I stayed til' about 7:00- and a paraprofessional from the community just let Mr. P know that he was not going to work this year-that leaves 3 openings for me. Hopefully I will be able to get a full time job soon :)

5 Boxes came today! I think we only have about 5 more left to come...Just food boxes...thank goodness food came!

I'm off to eat:)

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erica said...

hey love your blogs. read all your messages and love the pictures. keep writing and pictures. cant wait to here about unalakleet continue to have adventures i need the entertainment love your favorite sister/sister in law erica

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