May 17, 2012

I earned a badge...

Right now my hair is in a bun, I have dark circles under my eyes, my hands are chapped from washing them too much, I have a headache and an achey cough that hurts deep down within my chest, not to mention my back is aching due to this pregnancy. But I have something important to declare. I earned another badge on my Mother's Sash. I'm not saying this to gloat, be prideful, or to "toot my own horn". No, I'm saying this because it's something important for me to remember as a wife and mother. It's important for me to remember how I was able to deal with such a hard night. It's important for me to remember that I am capable and able to take care of my family even in the toughest situations.

Last night I put on my superwoman cape and took care of my family. As I said in the previous post, Bria has been sick for the last week (we have checked with the clinic and there is no sign of RSV, it's simply a bad cold that has been going around the entire village). Last night, Clint came down with something as well. Between making 2am bottles for babes and 3am Ibuprofen runs for my husband I sat there and was praying to God. Praying that he gives me strength. I no doubt was up every 30 minutes either taking care of my baby, or taking care of my love. The Lord provided. I was supercharged and ready to give them my full attention and my heart. Between running to get kleenex and extra blankets, I felt a sense of peace and identity. This is me. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am able to take care of my family in the wee hours of the night even when I, myself don't feel well.

I say this because with life changing rapidly and sometimes a little too quickly, it has been easy for me to forget the important role that I have for my family and have the need to want to be selfish. I have been wanting to get a mani-pedi and my hair done. But right now, that can wait. I feel as a wife and mother that my family is more important than my wants and needs at a time like this. Last night reminded me just how important it is for me to open my heart to my loves and take care of whatever their needs are before mine.

So, to all you Mama's who have gone before me, I applaud you for what you do for your family. To all you soon-to-be Mama's I am here to tell you that you are capable and also a superwoman. When times are tough, put on that superwoman cape, ask the Lord for strength and you will conquer those challenges you face.

{My Mother's Day Card from Bria!!}

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