May 10, 2012

"I Am A Princess"

Me: Today we are going to have a princess party. Do you know the definition of a 


A Girl: A princess is the daughter of a king.

Me: Did you know that I am a princess?

Girls: (Looks of awe and amazement....) Really? Wow!

Me: Because Jesus is my savior, God has adopted me into his family. He is my father

 and he is the King, and that makes me a princess....

-Taken from my friend's FB page. She hosted the toenail party I helped with. 

Because we are all princesses in God's kingdom, we decided to do yet another toenail party for the girls here in White Mountain. This is such a fun and creative way to share the Gospel and to show these girls just how beautiful they are. And obviously, to tell them that if Jesus is our savior, we are princesses in God's kingdom!

We had tea and cookies to start the party:

{Photo courtesy of Mary Hansen}

We then washed the feet:

After, there was toenail painting:

Then on to decorating our flip flops with jewels....Because you know, princesses have jewels!

I think i'm going to have to adopt this tradition when we are in Ketchikan doing kids' ministry! What a fun way for girls to understand that they are princesses in the kingdom of Heaven! 

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