September 3, 2011

Youth Group

At the end of last school year and throughout the summer, Clint and I felt a calling that the Lord wanted to use us in White Mountain for the youth. So when we were talking about different ideas on  what would appeal to the majority of the youth,  something with music came to mind, guitars more specifically. But the more we thought about it, the more we saw barriers: we didn't have enough money to buy all the guitars, we didn't know how or where to get them here to White Mountain, how many do we need, would it even be something the kids wanted to do, etc.

When Denny and the ABKA team came here last May he asked Clint, out of nowhere, if he would like some guitars. What?! We never mentioned our thoughts about the youth ministry to anyone because we were still in prayer about it and were unsure if that's really what God wanted us to do. So, for Denny to ask that question out of the blue like that, well, we took it as a clear sign that God is saying, "Yes! Work with the youth! Here are the guitars!" It was perhaps the first spiritual experience of my adult life where I can clearly say that was God's doing. Immediately after Denny asked Clint the question I had goosebumps on my arm and Clint and I looked at each other and we just start laughing. After Clint told them what we were praying and talking about, everyone was speechless and just smiling. God was there. God answered our prayers.  God works in wonderful ways!

With the love help and support of the ABKA team as well as our family and friends from First Assembly of God in Ketchikan, we have accumulated guitars and student bibles for the teens!!

Even more amazing, the pastor and his wife are wanting to be part of the youth ministry as well!! So they are helping with the youth nights too :)

We have had 2 meetings so far and they have been successful each time!

Clint leads worship: 

After pastor Ross gave the message, Clint and I led a fun game called, "Honey, do you love me?!" :

It was such a blast! Even the shy ones had big smiles on their faces while playing! :

I am excited to see and witness what God has planned for White Mountain youth, and I am so blessed that Clint and I are part of something spiritually uplifting.

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