September 2, 2011

ABKA, Miss B., & Other Shtuff!

We have been super busy. It seems like Clint and I can't catch a breather once we get back up to White Mountain. With school starting, the school picnic, Clint coaching cross country running, getting back into the routine of waking up at 6:30 in the morning and working all day it has been a whirl wind these last few weeks. On top of all of that, the American Bushido Kai Karate Association (ABKA) is here! It has been a blessing and a wonderful time devoted to karate practice,  and fellowship. This time there was a team of FOUR! Denny, Christa, and two younger karate students came to help build new stairs for the church to make it more accessible for the elders and to help clean up the cemetery to make it less about the shrubs and weeds and more about a restful resting place for the people who have passed on. It has been amazing! So come back later this weekend for pictures of their visit.

With the ABKA team here Sierra has been locked up in her kennel for the majority of the day. She is a trooper though. When she is out, she has found her best friend. Let me show you!

Bria has also been Sierra's best friend when she feeds her Cheerios!

 So Happy!

Bria misses Sierra when she's in her kennel. I find Bria crawling towards Sierra every chance she gets to visit her in her kennel.

P.S. Check back soon for a review and GIVEAWAY!!! 

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