September 14, 2011

Kid's Say....

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I have been MIA lately on this blog and I apologize. With work, baby, husband, chores, bible study, youth group, karate etc. The blog is one the last on my to-do list. However, I am slowly finding more time for this blog and hope that I will be able to post more frequently here soon.

We are on our third week of school! THIRD week already. I was just informed that we only have about 15 weeks until Christmas break. Crazy!

Anyway, I started a new thing for my classroom this year because I can't get over how funny and interesting some of the things my kiddos say. I cut some index cards in half, hole punched them, and put the cards on a loose leaf ring. When I hear something from one of my kiddos, I write it down. After a while I am going to post the index cards around the room to see if parents, other teachers and students can figure out who said what!

I want to share with you what some of the kids have been saying:

"Am I go to China teacher?" 
-student talking about putting his shoes on wrong.

"That one is the penis one." -student
"You mean puniest" -me
"Ya teacher, penis!" -student
"Umm.... Okay." -me
-talking about the size of the fish 
"God just heals everything, right teacher?" 
- talking about a 'boo-boo' that is healing

 -a kiddo talking about his lego creation

"Teacher, I'm taking you to Hawaii! You forgot coconuts, sand and water. Lets go!" -student
"Okay, Iceland, here we come!" 
-another student talking about where to go while playing 'airplane'

"You can kill them [Lions] with a canon!" 
-playing with the puppets

"I have teeth like dinosaurs now, teacher!" 
- after brushing his teeth

"After 100 days we get to party! But, we still have days of life."
-Talking about 100 days of school party

"NO! I am a first grader becasue I am taller!" 

"It's bad will have no heart if you kill."
-Talking about Transformers 

It's amazing how kids' minds work! I mean, they have some pretty fascinating stuff to tell us if we just listen. This is going to be an ongoing project and I hope to have my room full of inspiration and laughs from my kiddos in kindergarten. Which one is your favorite? What is the funniest thing you ever heard from a child? Let me know in the comments!
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