September 19, 2011

The Adventures of Cloth Diapering: Part 3

My small. small. stash: 12 (one's not pictured) Kawaii Baby Diapers, 5 BumGenius, and 2 flip.
I think I need to accumulate a little bit more :) ... 

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As I mentioned yesterday, we love cloth diapers. LOVE.  When I started researching on how to get started by using cloth diapers I was a little overwhelmed with all of the "must haves" to start diapering. Everything from the diapers to the wet bags, detergent, hang dry racks, covers,  etc. I decided to go the minimal route and just by the cloth diapers. So far, I haven't had the need to buy anything else other than the diapers themselves. Would I love to buy more stuff just for my cloth diapering obsession? Of course! But that would defeat my purpose of going "minimal"!

But if you want the stuff (and I'm sure some of it can make life easier) by all means, go for it. Here is a list of links that I have fell in love with in ordering the accessories for cloth diapering:

Kawaii Baby diaper covers

Diaper Buddy's Accessories (I am going to buy their cloth wipes to use with my homemade baby wipes!)

Modern Cloth Diaper Accessories

Now, here is the routine that has worked well for me.

To wash diapers: I use yellow dish gloves to protect my hands (I have very very sensitive skin)

1)wearing my yellow dish gloves I take the liner's out of the shell or cover (both soiled and poopy diapers!) and put both in the washer. I then put 1Tbs. of my homemade laundry detergent  in the wash and set the cycle on cold/gentle wash. After that cycle is done, I put another Tbs. of my laundry detergent in and set the wash cycle on hot/gentle. After the second wash, I do another hot rinse.

2)I then hang-dry my diapers on our shower curtain rod overnight. This may or may take just overnight or a day 1/2.

3)After they are dry I assemble them. I put the liners in the pocket and stack them. Bria automatically gets into the diapers and "helps" too!

4) For soiled diapers: All I do is take the diaper off and place the soiled diaper in a garbage pail (that is lined with a bag). For poopy diapers, I simply shake the poopy diaper in the toilet (using my yellow gloves) and then put it in the garbage bag.  **I also make sure I close the garbage bag so that the diapers don't dry out.

There are tons and tons of different ways to do cloth diapers (some probably a lot better than the way I do it) but this has worked for me.

** If YOU know of any other ways, perhaps even easier please feel free to let me know in the comment section! I am always looking at others' cloth diaper experiences :) **

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