September 16, 2011

The Adventures of Cloth Diapering: part 2

As most of you know, we are a cloth diapering family. We have been using cloth diapers since Bria was about 4 weeks old. The only reason why we didn't start earlier is she was too small (5lbs. 12oz) for the diapers to work properly (there was leakage down the side of her leg). Since the beginning we have been nothing but satisfied with how well Bria and I are handling the cloth diapers. She has had only 2 minor rashes-ones that just needed a little bit more baby powder! EVER.

If you want to read my first post about cloth diapers, you can check that out here. I talk about which diapers I'm going to use, the different kinds of diapers out there, and all the research that has led me to use cloth in the first place.

After about 7 months of cloth diapering, and three different brands of diapers, here is what we found out.

Overall winner:Kawaii Baby

pluses: Diapers are easy to change. I love the snap button and how you can adjust sizes to your liking. They dry quickly when hang drying. They have all sorts of very cute patterns and colors The liners are made of soft micro fleece and they grow with your baby! One of the best parts? The prices are very reasonable ranging from $5.99 - 14.99 each. This is important as there are so many overpriced cloth diapers out there.

minuses: It is a little big and bulky (this may be just for the Goodnight Heavy wetter diapers).  If you don't do an extra rinse for the laundry, they do tend to leak.

Overall: We have 12 Kawaii Baby diapers in our rotation of about 17. These are by far, my favorite of all. Although we have both the velcro and button diapers, I prefer the button and they hold the diaper together better. I will be ordering more Kawaii baby diapers as soon as they get more diapers for their bamboo, all natural diaper line! So excited! Head on over to Kawaii Baby to order your diapers! Did I mention they have FREE shipping on all orders of $70 or more?  

 Kawaii Diaper


Second Place: BumGenius 

pluses: They are velcro, so they are easier to snap on. The diaper liners are easy to adjust for size with buttons on the inserts. They come in cute colors. They are very easy to use. 

minuses: The velcro attracts lent and hair from the dryer, making the appearance look yucky. Also, the velcro seam is coming undone and is hart to take apart sometimes. Had many leaks due to improper fit of the insert. 

Overall: The BumGenius cloth diapers are good diapers, but they tend to leak they are easy to use and are less bulky than the Kawaii Diapers, but I still prefer the Kawaii diapers because of the no leakage aspect.  I can't get over the quick deterioration of the velcro :( 


Third Place: Flip

 pluses: You can change the inner liner and keep the outer shell for multiple diaper changes. Grows as your child grows. They have disposable inserts that you can buy (I haven't tried these yet, but hope to some day).

minuses: It is a pain in the butt (pun intended) to put this on a little ones behind. With the liner not secure in a 'pocket' it's time consuming and hard to put on a wiggly baby. When I try to put this on Bria (and now it's worse that she's mobile) she kicks her legs around and takes the liner out of the shell. It also leaks if I don't have the liner completely fitted to the outershell.

Overall: These are great diapers to use when you don't have time for the laundry because you can use the outer shell multiple times. I however, will not buy anymore Flip diapers as I already have 2 and that's enough. 

 More about our cloth experiences: It's much easier than I imagined. When I first started to research cloth diapering, it was a little daunting and intimidating, but once I bought the diapers and made the commitment it has become a wonderful experience. I was so surprised at how easy it was, and once I got a system down, I couldn't imagine not using cloth diapers. Not only am I happy that we are saving money, but we are doing our part in keeping unnecessary waste out of our landfills, which, duh, is a huge part in trying to protect our planet! I would still like to get a couple more diapers (as I mentioned above, I'm going to buy from Kawaii Baby) to lessen the laundry load each week. Washing has been an easy process as well. We are lucky enough to have a child that only poops about every 2-3 days (it's normal for breastfed babies). Please, if you are thinking about cloth diapers, make the switch. It's not only cheap, but it's healthier for your baby and the environment. I'm also glad that I have enough diapers to use with the next child we have!

Still need convincing? Please check back tomorrow for a schedule and process of how we use our cloth diapers. 

Have any other brands that I should check out? I know there are tons of options out there, and I only talked about a select  few, but please let me know if you have any other recommendations for me! 
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