September 17, 2011

Mompact: Review and Giveaway of PaciPlushies- CLOSED


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Before Bria was born Clint and I made a list of things that she could and could not have/use/eat/play with etc. One of the biggest things (besides all organic food, clothing, and toys) we didn't want her to use a pacifier. That lasted about a week after she was born because we were flying back home and were worried about Bria's ears popping. Since then, she has loved her pacifiers. She now can't fall asleep without one. When she's playing with her toys, she often holds on to her pacifier with one hand, while trying to manipulate her toys with the other. I have counted at least 12 pacifiers around the house, in our school bags, and the babysitters. We have come to the conclusion that Bria absolutely loves her pacifiers and when we don't have on on hand, its horrible.


I was asked to review and be part of Mompact Blog Hop 2011 and of course I agreed because it's an awesome opportunity to connect with other moms who support moms! There are over 120 Moms participating in this bloghop and that means there are over 120 giveaways that are going to be run from September 12- September 17!! 

I was sent this little PaciPlush of a cutie (Thank you Paciplush!). His name is Milo! He is one precious monkey and has been a favorite among Bria's toys. When I first introduced Milo to little Ms. B she didn't really know what to do with the pacifier. Milo came with an orthodontic pacifier nipple that has a round top and flat bottom, which Bria is used to the round pacifiers. No fret though! PaciPlushies are interchangeable! So, I switched the pacifier and she loved him. She swung his arms while sucking on her paci like she had him the entire 8 months she's been alive!

                                                                                "No more monkeying around to find your baby's pacifiers! This soft and silly Monkeys unique style allows pacifier to remain close at all times while teaching baby to manipulate the pacifier without any help."-

She played with him:

She slept with him:

And now he has a permanent place in her diaper bag! I will forever look at PaciPlushies as a gift for expecting Moms!

Want to know more about PaciPlush and the Mom inventor behind the scenes?

Visit Paciplushies to see more adorable friends for your kiddos and click here to learn more about them. And please, please, please visit their Facebook page to learn about upcoming offers, deals, promotions, and to connect to a fabulous group of people!

Want to win your own PaciPlush friend? All you have to do is click the "read more" on the bottom of this post, and enter via rafflecopter click on the "do it" button to enter! Good luck to all participants and the winner will be selected on here Monday, September 19. 

Winner is....

Becky Shaulis! 
Congratulations, Becky! Please check your email box for the email I sent to you.  

**After you enter the giveaway on my blog, hop on over to Southern Yankee Mix and enter another giveaway for another awesome item from Mompact!

Good luck and have fun with this blog hop! I know I will be entering!

Disclaimer: I was given the item for review purposes and was not compensated any other way. All opinions, views, and thoughts are my own.


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