September 23, 2011

Spread The Good News!

Sunset over Fish River: Thursday, September 22, 2011
-during Youth Group

If you have been following the blog, or know our family, you know then that we are growing in our faith and our relationship with God. It has been an amazing year and a wonderful adventure. There have been some occurrences that can only be explained as the work of the Lord. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe that God has opened the doors to all sorts of possibilities for my husband and I in our quest for missions. I believe that God has placed a fire in our hearts, and now that fire is burning and growing into a bon fire! Clint and I are currently working on our missionary blog: Alaska Kingdom Karate & Missions where we will be posting everything that has to do with our ministry up here in White Mountain, AK (*please keep in mind that this site is under construction*)

We are working along side the Pastor and his wife in putting together a Youth group for White Mountain. We started holding youth group meetings a couple of weeks ago and are in full swing. We have had roughly about 6 students come at various times. If you missed my first post about the Youth Group, you can read about the story of the guitars here. Trust me. It's an amazing story!

Last night we had 1 more student show up for guitars! 

Singing is such a fun thing to do. Especially during worship:

We have been having a great time. We have been talking about Love the past couple of weeks, which in my opinion is the largest, most important topic to talk about!

working on our memory verse

Our memory verse for the next few weeks.

 I have to mention that we received an amazing love offering from Ketchikan First Assembly for our ministry up here and I am proud to announce that we have ordered 10...10 Teen Study Bibles for every teenager who wants one. I will be updating here about our ministry program, but please bookmark Alaska Kingdom Karate & Ministry blog to your posts so that you may follow all of our ministry work as I will only be writing the highlights and directing you to the blog :)

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