September 21, 2011

Bria Stands!!!

We received yet another box for Ms. Bria. I have to tell you, getting boxes in the mail is truly a high light of our days here in rural Alaska! But, the boxes have continuously been for Bria. That's okay. I love that Bria is loved not only by our family, but by our friends as well!

Yesterday, we received a box from my mom (thanks Mom!) and inside was a cute outfit for Bria from her Aunt Jamie. I put it on her right away. When I asked Clint to hold her up so I can take a picture, this is what she did:

Bria Standing?!?! 

Can you believe it?! She stood like this so I can get approximately 10 pictures like this! She is so adorable and makes my heart melt even faster in this cute outfit! 

Thank you Auntie Jamie! You put a smile on our faces and tears in our eyes !!! 

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