November 15, 2010


Living in rural Alaska, sometimes you miss the novelties of life such as going to Wal-Mart and printing out your favorite pictures from favorite weekend adventures, or the funny things your dogs have done. I can't tell you how many Cd's I have that are filled with endless memories.

This is where has been a life saver! I have used since I was a senior in high school ordering my senior pictures. They are that good!

Every year I want to send out Christmas cards to family and friends, but with the busyness of life, work, school I have not had the chance to since Clint and I first got together.

Here is our Christmas card from 2007:

This year, I'm making an elaborate effort to get a Christmas card out. Although we won't actually have Bria with us, she will be reflected in my ever-ginormous belly! It really is hard to choose just one! 

Here are some amazing cards from Shutterfly

Merry Memories Charteuse Christmas Card:


Bright Lights Christmas Card:


Go ahead! Go check out the endless options for Christmas and Holiday cards here...Did I mention this is where we are getting Bria's birth announcements too? I can't wait!

Take a look! These are so precious!!

Become a member and you get amazing discounts! This year I received 50 FREE prints for signing up, and also received an email offer that said $10 off my entire order! It's a sweet, sweet deal. Plus, right now if you are a blogger they are giving a promo code for 50 free Holiday Cards!! Just click this link: 50 free Holiday Cards and you'll get signed up!

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