March 10, 2011

Spring Fever!

It's funny how much our spirits change once we have daylight longer. It's really nice when you wake up and it's daylight out! It doesn't feel like you want to be in bed all day long. Clint, Bria and I have been enjoying the light and beautiful weather lately!

We have been getting out every day after school, and with the temperature being in the TEENS it feels very nice :) ...

Here are some pictures of our precious B on some of her first walks outside :

Wide-Eyed B inside after one of our walks outside! 

I have been trying to juggle life as I am in my first weeks of going back to work. Trying to balance my life between work, home, Clint and Baby has been leaving me exhausted to the point of breaking down in tears because I'm too tired. But you know what? Every time I look at the face above, the tiredness and tears go away and I'm filled with the most unimaginable love! So, as I work through this new life of ours, and as I try to find balance. Words will be short, and hopefully pictures will be plenty!
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