March 27, 2011

"I'm A Big Kid Now"

You know the jingle right? The one on the Huggies commercial?  It's been stuck in my head for a couple of days now.

I love all the little things that Bria is learning how to do. And I love how I am able to capture some of them on camera. Photographs, for me, have become so important that my camera is within reach everyday. I don't want to miss a thing with Bria because once that moment is past, it's never going to happen again. With the pictures that I have been taking, at least I can look back and remember what the feeling was like.

Bria laying on her new quilt blanket from a friend, looking at her shape beanbags.
She loved. LOVED the blue one and would follow it when I put it in different spots on the blanket.

So, Bria has reached yet another mile stone! It's been going by so fast I can barely wrap my head around it. Last night, Bria was surprisingly happy during Tummy Time! I think it's the fact that she is able to lift her head and look around...yes ladies and gentlemen, the babes can lift her head...Not just lift her head a little bit...She can lift her head high!

Isn't that the sweetest baby you have ever seen? I may be biased, but my golly... Look at those beautiful royal blue eyes!!

I had a wonderful time clapping, laughing and then crying at Bria's accomplishment.

I like this photo so much that I am entering it into a contest that has the caption "Sweet" over at the paper mama.

The Paper Mama

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