March 24, 2011


Having my parents and my sister hear makes me realize how much I miss them, and how much fun we have when we are together. It sure is bittersweet when I get to see family. I love the fact that we have so much fun together, but I dread it as well because I know we are going to be apart again. Ugh.

This Spring Break was a lot of fun even though we didn't really get out of the house very much. We went on some walks, watched the ditarod mushers come in (one specifically, Angie Taggart from Ketchikan!), and stayed up way to late, every night. There was tons of laughter, hugs, card games, punches (Hi Charley!), and a lot of tears. Seeing my Mom and Dad interact with Bria was so heartwarming and gratifying. Watching them just stare at Bria with huge grins on their faces was priceless.

Now, two days later, I am still trying to get back into the swing of our daily lives. The rush of having family here is over, and now our house is quiet and messy with Bria's stuff all over the living room-I can just imagine what it's going to be like when it's actually her making the mess. And a baby sleeps on my chest as I try to balance her while typing with both hands reminiscing about our family time we had in White Mountain. It was the first, but definitely not the last.

I really wish Clint and Bria were in this picture, but he was taking it...Just know they were there!

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