March 18, 2011

Family Visits White Mountain!

Our family is HERE! You don't really realize just how much you truly miss them until you see them for the first time in months. It's truly a blessing having family around...It makes me homesick. BUT, they are having a great time in White Mountain and the time that we do have together is quality, precious moments that are going to be remembered. We are just missing two important members: my sister Jamie and my sister Alexis. We are not complete yet. Come this summer though, we are going to take the summer by storm! I cannot wait for those moments that us girls are sitting around the table and laughing-and not remembering what we were laughing at in the first place and begin to laugh even harder and louder. Not to mention, my dad and Clint looking at us like we are crazy. Oh we are crazy when we are together! It's going to be even sweeter this year with Bria ....Oh B is going to rock our socks this summer!

Until then though, here are some (amazing if I do say so myself) pictures of some sweet family time here in White Mountain:

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