March 19, 2011

Some Bria Lovin' ...

Our little girl has come down with her first little cold :(  She has a runny nose, a little cough, and her eyes are really watery. She's also been sleeping a lot more. I hope she feels better soon, it kinda hurts to see your little one not feeling so well.  She is so strong though, still smiling away. With family being here, I think it has helped her being loved on all.the.time. Serious. I don't think Bria has been put down for more than a minute since Mom, Dad and Charley have come here!

Here are just some quick pictures of B:

Nose Full of Boogers

Here she is sleeping on her Auntie Charley. She loves sleeping on her Auntie, and always looks so comfy. 
Sleeping Beauty! 

Must be dreamin' of something good!

2 more days until they leave :( ... I wish I could freeze time and have them live up here with us! How fun would that be?
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