November 1, 2011

Halloween Extraveganza!


We hope you enjoyed this fun Holiday as much as we did! I really do like Halloween because it's a day where kids can pick to dress up as their favorite character and pretend to have super powers, or be a beautiful princess and wear make-up with sparkles on it. It's a day where Mama's such as myself can dress up her daughter and as her husband to dress up as well! If you keep Halloween the way it should be, it is a fun, safe, and positive day.

Today was Bria's first Halloween, and boy did Mama have some fun! 

I saved a box that we received from our Arkansas family (no, they are not from Arkansas but they do live there. This is a statement made just for my father-in-law!) They sent us a cute costume for Bria and a cute first Halloween card from our nieces and nephew. We also received some treats. Reese's and chocolate syrup for Clint and oh so delicious Jelly Bellies for myself! I dressed Bria up in her Cow costume and then I showed her the card! It was cute as she tried to look (and rip) it. Luckily for me, Clint was right there to help her (hence the reason she's looking up at her dad instead of the camera)! ...

Thank you Auntie Erica, Uncle Tony, Dinesha, Chance, Kaitlin, Alexis, Awma and Papa!

Then it was time to get ready for the Halloween Party!!

The farmer and her cow & Indiana Jones !

I didn't have a cowboy hat, so I made one out of newspaper, tape, and brown paint. Do you like it? I think it turned out great!

Then it was time for the party! Parades, pinatas, games, face painting, and candy. Lots and lots of candy!

 How many skittles would be in this jar?!

Hope you guys had a great Halloween!
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