November 5, 2011


 Goodness gracious! Our little Peanut is 10 months old today... Sigh... I have such mixed feelings at this age. On one side, I am having so much fun watching her grow and explore new things each and every day, and on the other side, I am torn and saddened. I am sad because she is never going to ever be this small again. I am torn because she is growing more independent. I know it's not like she's a teenager, but in two months she will be one. And in 13 years, she will be a teenager. It happens fast.

Bria loves:
sitting on Sierra's head, blowing raspberries, laying her head on our shoulders, walking without our hands, and all food.

Bria doesn't love:
things getting taken from her, not being able to eat Sierra's food, waking up in her playpen by herself.

Bria's Stats:
I will get them this week!

Some of Bria's Firsts:
9 months and 1 day: Bria stood all by herself while playing with a toy
9 months and 8 days: ate corn for the first time
9 months 10 days: took two steps!
9 months and 11 days: ate blueberries for the first time
9 months and 26 days: first Halloween
9 months and 30 days: ate Spaghetti for the first time

love, love, love, love, love !!!

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