August 9, 2009

White Mountain in pictures

Since I have had this blog, I have received many compliments on how people like reading what I have to say.  I'm pretty sure though, that most of the attention is focused on the pictures I have taken.  I am sad to say that this blog has been neglected throughout the summer as we did not have opportunities to have internet access (which was a blessing in disguise).  However, here and now, I will start updating our lives and our life in White Mountain, Alaska.  So, enjoy this breathtaking, surreal, beautiful place-from the time we left Nome to today:

Clint on our way to the plane:
View from the plane, 10 minutes into the 20 minute flight to WMO:
Our front door after unpacking the endless amounts of boxes, along with our canoe:
Our BIG kitchen! And dining room :):
White Mountain School, home of the Wolves:
Our post office of course! Sometimes, our best friend :) (and clint on our four-wheeler):
An old gas pump:
On our way to Big Rock:
Clint fishing off of Big Rock:
Camp Hammer:
White Mountain at sunset:
The water:
View from the mountain:
The water again:
Clint with dinner:
Me, fishing for some dinner:
Clint using an Ulu to clean the fish:
View of White Mountain from the mountain:
White Mountain with a blanket of Haze:

Looking for Salmonberries:
Picking some Salmon berries:
The water, Again:) :
Clint fishing:
Clint, getting ready to launch our canoe:
He caught it while we were canoeing! (Well, he was fishing, I was paddling):
Ahhh! All done. Now I can go relax with Jack and Sierra:): 
Glad to be back posting:) Come back for more updates!

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