August 19, 2009

Berry Picking!

Blueberries! They are my most favoritest (yes, that can be a word if you really mean it) berry out there. We have had the chance to go salmon berry picking with Holly and Sugar -two lovely ladies from WMO - in their boat, but we haven't been berry picking and with the weather getting colder, we couldn't wait any longer! We decided that we should go look for berries. After our essential packing: bug dope, 2-1/2 gallon buckets, the gun (for bears), and our desire to pick, we decided that it was getting a little late so we would just go find the berries and come back tomorrow. Well, we found the berries..... TONS of berries! So, we decided to stay for a little while and pick. We can't just leave them all there! Boy was that a big mistake! We left the fourwheeler at the beginning of the trail and didn't have our bug dope! The masquitos sure had a picnic. But in the end it was worth it, we picked some -and by some I mean a few - and by few I mean not very much. But, it will be a base for our blueberry pancakes soon!

View from the reindeer curral:

Clint driving on the trail:
The trail:
Mmmm..Yummy:) :
Where we left the rig -big mistake:Our blueberries, I wish we picked enough so you couldn't see the bottom:

Now we know the spot to pick berries. We will be back..very..very soon!

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