August 19, 2009

1st day of Student Teaching!

I very much enjoyed my first day of being a student teacher! It was exciting and invigorating, even if I've been working in the educational field for about 4 years.  It still feels different that I'm actually part of something great. I am going to be student teaching under a wonderful woman who has been teaching in the Bering Strait District for over 20 years.  I feel very privileged to student teach under her.

Today, I was working on the classroom - cleaning, and putting things away.  I also was going through each cupboard to see what materials that were available.  I also made signs, and worked on the standards that the kids need to pass for each level (we are on a level system in BSSD, not on a grading scale).  I was also able to sit in the meetings, which gave me a better outlook on what goes on outside of the classroom with the staff members collaborating within the school.  It has been a VERY successful first day of student teaching! 

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