August 9, 2009

Since I last blogged!

There has been endless changes that have taken place since I last blogged.  There is so much to say-too much for one blog post.  So, in short, to catch up to where our lives have gone I will give highlights:

*We had an amazing time with our Arkansas family and wish that it didn't end
*I turned 22! 
*When we arrived back home in Ketchikan, we enjoyed living in our new house
*We worked on our house-A LOT-and came close to putting all three dump-truck loads of D-1 dirt in our basement
*We went to Traitors during fathers day weekend with our family
*We send over 20 boxes to White Mountain (our new residents during the school year)
*We adopted a dog, Jack, who is Sierra's best friend
*We moved to White Mountain
*We have set up a new home in a nice, brand new teacher housing unit!
*We now drive four-wheelers to the store and post office
*We have fished...and fished...and fished...and fished...and...Yup, fished!

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