August 23, 2009

Weekend Delights!

This weekend was a short one because Saturday was a teacher workday. Clint and I are holding on to summer as long as we can-School starts on Monday! We decided that today was too pretty out to just relax and stay inside. We went berry picking on a whim and because of that I have no pictures but I think it's okay - how many pictures can you take of blueberries? I think we filled up 3 quart bags full which is a good start! We then came home and grabbed Jack and Sierra to hike up the reindeer corral and to sweetheart mountain! It was so beautiful that on the way back, we decided to make a fire and have some tea!
The walk to Sweetheart Mountain:
The reindeer corral :
Sweetheart Mountain: Pretty:
Clint making some green tea:
Me drinking the tea: Pretty bird, pretty bird:

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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