August 29, 2009

First Week of School and Annual Picnic!

We are officially done with the first week of school and Clint and I are very happy with the way things went. We absolutely adore the kids and love the atmosphere of the school.

In the K-1 classroom that I have been working in has
*1 Cool teacher that I get to work with
*1 rabbit named Patches
*3 fish
*3 Kindergarteners
*5 First graders
*12 Frogs
During an art lesson taught by James Adcox from Nome, AK

It is an amazing classroom to work in and we are having so much fun!

Clint's class has:
*1 Cool teacher, also my husband :)
*6 girls
*3 boys
*A neat mix of personalities that I think will make a great year!

On Friday we left the school around 11:00 and walked to Scow-John to have the annual picnic.
It was full of fun, food and games: Eskimo baseball!!
Walking to Scow-John

Clint and 2 of his students walking
The men getting the hot dog sticks ready!

Everyone eating the grub...

Eskimo Baseball!

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