January 10, 2012

One Post....Catch All...

This has to be the longest time a blogger, or anyone has gone without posting their daughters first Christmas! Ugh. I tell you. Life gets away from me more often than not lately. With having a toddler, being pregnant, traveling, teaching. It gets difficult to keep up with this stuff. But, I am ready. Ready to tell a story through dozens and dozens of pictures. They are priceless.

It's always a bitter sweet time when it's back to reality. I truly love every single second I am back at home. Surrounded by my my family. Surrounded by the sweet memories of Ketchikan.

We had the most amazing Christmas Break. Ever. Holiday's are sweetened by the presence of our daughter. Everything seems just a little bit more fun and enjoyable.

We left White Mountain on the 17 of December and because we got stuck in Ketchikan due to high winds we came back on the 4th of January. A good long break from reality. A good long break from blogging. A good long break from facebook or any social networking site. I loved every second spending all my energy with my family.

Here are the photos to tell our story of Christmas break, because well,  I know everyone loves pictures more than words.... 

We were so thankful to have our family pictures taken by the lovely Stephanie Brissette of Stephanie Brissette Photography. And even though it was horrible nasty outside, she managed to take some amazing family portraits at the local Capes Fox Lodge in Ketchikan!

Here are some of my favorites:

Thank you Stephanie! For taking our pictures and allowing us to capture sweet, sweet memories :)

**Note to self: Must take family pictures with our Arkansas Family!! *** 

Here are some Christmas Pictures:

Grandma and all the Grandkids & Great-Grandkids!!

 It was very, merry and bright!!

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