January 12, 2010


This week I am a substitute for the K-1 class that I am student teaching in. Let me tell you, it comes pretty easy to sub when you are in the classroom everyday. But, I am getting paid not a lot, but at least it's some. It'll help Clint out paying for our mortgage :). Anyway, I walked into the classroom on Monday morning to get everything ready for the day and while my host teacher was leaving, here is a conversation that they had:

Student: "K**** where are you going?"

Host Teacher: "I have to go on a plane"

Student: "Who's going to be our teacher"

Host Teacher: "Tory is going to be here to teach you"

Student: "Oh goodie!"

Another Student: "So, does that mean we get to have choice time...all day!"

Host Teacher gave a wide-eyed look.

Students: "Ohhhhh yea!!!!"

Me: "Are you guys in a dream?"

Students: "Noooo!"

Me: "Well we do LOTS and LOTS of work in here huh?!"

Students: "Awwww Man." They leave with their heads down.

I'm such a buzz kill aren't I? hehe!


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