January 4, 2010

Full Circle Farm

If you haven't already heard of this wonderful, delicious, organic surprise well then shame on you! Back in December we signed up to get fresh fruits and veggies once a month from Full Circle Farm. We just received our first box today, and let me tell you that I was astonished at what was inside. Even before we opened the box, I was literally jumping up and down as Clint was bringing it in. In our box contained 13..... 13! Different fruits and veggies :o).

Here is what our box contained:

*1.5 lbs. Red Potatoes
*1 ea. Acorn Squash
*1 ea. Red Onion
*4 ea. Pinova Apples
*1 ea. Bunched Carrots
*3 ea. D'anjou Pears
*1 ea. Cucumbers
*1 ea. Broccoli
*2 ea. Ruby Grapefruit
*4 ea. Fairchild Tangerines
*1 lb. Roman Tomatoes
*1 ea. Green Leaf Lettuce
**Recipes for: Acorn Squash and Carrot Soup, Celery Root Bisque, Arugala Salad with Beets & Goat Cheese, Avocado & Grapefruit Salad, Seb Kachamber (Apple Salad) **I have really no idea what these recipe names mean, but they sure sound scrumptious (and not to mention healthy)!!

This really surpassed my expectations of how mailed produce can be so firm and fresh. Clint and I were talking, and we are going to use this company from now on to get all our fresh produce. Just hopefully, we can get it even more (twice a month) when I start working :)
Won't that be nice?


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