January 6, 2010

Musk Ox

Today during recess, we were able to go to a friends house and look at a Musk Ox hide that she was working on. The Musk Ox was shot by a couple of teachers here and they were able to get 3 all together ( I think). Anyway, one of our friends are working the hide and gathering the Quiviut (Ki-vit) to spin and make yarn. While we were talking with her, she said that she has gathered 4 lbs. of Quiviut already from one hide! It will be exciting to see what she makes with the yarn. Qiviut is considered the softest wool in the world! It's softer than the softest sweater you've ever touched. Clothing knitted from Quiviut is pretty darn expensive.

She uses a handmade "comb" (made from a block of wood and nails) and 'brushes" the Qiviut out of the hair of he Musk Ox.
One of our kiddos trying to get some Qiviut to take home. The Qivuit is the soft, lighter wool that is on the right of the picture, the hide is on the left.
This is a small sample of yarn that was spun. It's so soft.

I think I'm going to have Clint go out and get us a Musk Ox so I can participate in this project. It's amazing to me that someone out there long ago thought of taking this material from the hide and decided to spin it into yarn!

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