January 9, 2010

Project 365

Out in blogland I came across this fun little project that many people have participated in, and continue to do it every year. This project is a little bit of a challenge as it asks you to take one picture a day for 365 days! Some days I realize it's going to be difficult to find a photo to recall the events of that particular day, but others it's going to be difficult to pick just one photo to use for that day. At the end of the year, I want to put all the photos (365 photos in all!) into a book!

So, here we go, with the first week of pictures:

January 1, 2010: We spent our New Year's day traveling back to White Mountain after a wonderful Christmas break! We left Ketchikan around 5:30 and arrived in Anchorage around 9:30. We spent the night in the airport because our flight from Anchorage to Nome left around 5:30 in the morning. It wasn't too bad of a flight, as we stayed up and chatted with some teachers from around the district while waiting in the Anchorage airport.

January 2, 2010: This was taken on our way to White Mountain, we were able to fly in a new plane that Frontier received-it was really nice! The sun was just rising over the horizon and the scenery was beautiful as the glow shimmered on the ice.

January 3, 2010: This is what we ALL did today. We slept for around 17 hours! We arrived in White Mountain yesterday (1/2/2010) around 12:00 and unpacked until 2:30 put on a movie and fell asleep at 6:00. We woke up and had dinner but then again at 7:00 we fell back asleep and didn't wake up until 8:00 Monday morning!

January 4, 2010: What a good day!!! We received our Full Circle Farm package today and it brightened our week! It was such a difference having fresh salad for dinner with pear slices :) Mmm....

January 5, 2010: For our school Christmas program the staff and students participate in gift-giving. "Pick-name" is exactly like Secret Santa. On the day of the program, I get this cute little letter from one of my Kindergarten students and his grandma saying that the gift didn't arrive in the mail (it's typical for living all the way up north) it was so cute becuase he was so sad that he didn't get me a present. I had to reassure him that presents aren't important and that spending time with friends and family during the holiday is. Anyway, today I received this gift from my student :) It was a great gift, and Clint loves. absolutely loves the tea cookies!

January 6, 2010: One of the prettiest things about living up north is the sunrises and sunsets. The colors of the sky are absolutely stunning! I captured this outside of the school. It was too pretty to not remember!

January 7, 2010: While at school, during reading I looked outside and saw this glowing yellow moon through the trees! It was around 10:20 a.m. when I took this picture. I can't wait until it's light out when wake up!
January 8, 2010: This is a picture to recap my official first time skiing! It was So much fun and only took me an hour 1/2 to finish the skiing course here in White Mountain which is 3 miles long. It wasn't too slow, but I'm not an advanced yet. I had a difficult time remembering to "push then slide, push then slide". This picture was when I learned how to step into the corner so I don't fall after I come around. Clint was such a good teacher, and it amazes me that he is so good at skiing! We plan on skiing every day after school for our daily exercise. It will be a lot nicer than running around in circles in the gym!

So, every Saturday I will document and write about each picture until we are at the end of the year when I can make a book out of our memories!!

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