December 13, 2011

Snowy Day....

Over the last 2 weeks I think we have accumulated about 3-5 feet of snow! It has been so stormy here with blizzard and winds. It has not been a very nice winter. However, this week the temperature has gotten a little warmer. Warm enough for it to snow, but it's still cold enough to not want to be outside for long periods of time. Poor. We love outside. We are upset that this year hasn't brought us a lot of outdoor adventures.

In my attempt to play outside, Bria and I went on the deck and played in the snow before I attempted to shovel. She loved it at first and then hated it, I think her butt was getting wet through the snow suit because it's wet icky snow, not the powder stuff we are used too.

At first I don't know if she wanted to laugh or cry: 

 "Uh, mom? What am I supposed to do now?!" :

"I'm scared to move, Mom! Please help!" :

"Okay, I can get used to this...I think" :

"What is that?! It feels cold..." : 

"This can be fun!" :


On another note: I apologize for not updating the blog on a regular basis. I know a lot of you look on here everyday and are disappointed to not see new pictures of Bria or see what is happening up here in White Mountain. There are some changes that are currently going on, and I have not been in a position to even want to be on the computer, or updating our pictures (by the way, I have hundreds of pictures that I have taken, and not shared... I will soon....I promise). So for now, until I get out of my funkiness, please know that we are here, and are doing well. In the meantime, I pray that your homes are filled with hugs, love, and laughter!
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