December 8, 2011

Christmas Time!!

I love Christmas time. I love all the sweet lights and decorations. I love the Christmas music. I love the feel of snow (when we can actually play outside. I'm talking about in Ketchikan, not up here where it has been -40 the past joke). I love the smells of baked goods, and scrumptious foods, and even better eating all the goodies! I love the fact that I get to spend 2 whole weeks with my family. I love the fact that Clint and I don't have to work and we can spend all day every day with our amazing daughter! I love the fact that this year we are having our very first Christmas tree up in our own house! eeek....

I'm very happy and blessed for the life our Lord has given us. But in 10 more sleeps, it's going to be even greater!

These are just some things around the web that I have been falling in love with this Holiday season. I can't wait to recreate some of this either this Christmas, or next.

Hot Cocoa Buffet :

                                                                                         Source: via Tory on Pinterest

An Advent Calendar (Spiritual):
                                                                            Source: via Tory on Pinterest

Adorable Burlap Ornaments: 

                                                                                                  Source: via Tory on Pinterest

Elf On The Shelf: Breakfast At The North Pole:
(so doing this as soon as Bria gets a tad older!)

                                                                Source: via Tory on Pinterest

A 2x4 Christmas Tree.... 
(Perfect for our make-believe cabin...or my parent's!)

                                                                                                    Source: via Tory on Pinterest

Until next time.

I hope your home is full of hugs, loves, and laughter!
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