August 21, 2011

On August 5, 2011

Bria is 7 months!  

Time is getting away from us. Bria is no longer content on just sitting still. We have had some issues with her wanting to just go, go, go! I guess in the end that's what you want, right?

Here is our baby:

Bria loves:
splashing in the bathtub, reading "That's Not My Bunny!", crawling towards the dogs kong ball, playing with paper, going to sleep in her swing, walking while holding her hand

Bria doesn't love:
when she can't reach something she wants to chew on, when Sierra licks her face, when Mommy leaves the room

Bria's stats:
weight: 14 lbs          height: 26 inches

Some of Bria's firsts:
6 months 2 days: first time sitting up with no help for a long time
6 months 3 days: first time having sweet potatoes & spinach smoothie
6 months 7 days: sat in a cooking pot for the first time
6 months 8 days: held a fishing pole for the first time (with the help of mom of course)
6 months 11 days: went on hands and knees and started rocking for the first time
6 months 21 days: first time putting feet in the ocean
6 months 26 days: firs time having avacado and sitting at the table drinking her bottle by herself

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